Planning Studio on Peel is a project of rebirth, one which has transformed an established and respected twenty-five year old planning practice into a collaborative platform for urbanism. In our revitalised form, studio co-founders Eddie and Ben Zagami work in various interdisciplinary teams to investigate intelligent and responsible planning and urban design strategies that recognise, activate, use and empower existing resources alongside new development.

We believe this approach to planning and design establishes a less mediated and more direct relationship between the community, planner, architect and the environment. By blurring the boundaries between user and practitioner, we feel that our awareness of the underlying dynamics of a place is heightened and we as a community therefore become more responsible for its future.

We continuously reflect on the responsibilities of contemporary planning and design practitioners. We believe in stimulating the provocative and visionary power of our professions whilst acknowledging the importance of leaving places to function according to their own dynamics. We trust conventional models of planning and design but have faith in alternative process-oriented modes that motivate people to engage with the urban environment in new ways.

We are open to all prospective partnerships that seek to initiate projects which educate and create social change. We have recently partnered with Pin-up, an independent Architecture & Design Project Space in Collingwood in order to achieve this.